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Greetings everyone!

This week we have a few scheduled events coming up:

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Tuesday 9/3:

Due to Classroom building B221 being reserved already we will be unable to host our Tuesdays @ 12 weekly event. However, if scheduling constraints continue to occur like this we will be forced to come up with another solution.



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Thursday 9/5: 

The stock market simulator on Investopedia will open up today! Compete against fellow students and faculty members to show how much of a skilled investor you are. Updates on the game will happen weekly here on BSC_ECO so you can see detailed information on specific people’s portfolios as well as leaderboards. There will be rewards every “quarter” with our “Quarterly Earnings Reports.”

Come to Classroom building B221 today at 12:15PM in order to get a detailed rundown on how BSC_ECO works as well as the stock simulator.



Thanks everyone and make sure to check back here in order to get all the latest information regarding the Economic Club, the department of Economics and Finance, as well as many more topics!


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Hi there,

I’d like to welcome you to the website we put together for the Economic Club here at Buffalo State College. Originally we wanted to build a platform that allowed us, the board, to communicate information to our members from a dedicated space. However, over the past month of development it has grown into a tool for us not only to communicate with members of the club, but for them to collaborate with us on a totally new level. It allows all members of the network to do so much more than was ever thought possible:



  • Find all your ECO/FIN courses here and get up to date news and information regarding them from other members of the class as well as the instructor* while getting rid of the bulk and mess that other course management software comes with.
  • Collaborate with other students by posting information and uploading documents on your courses pages.
  • Stay up to date with information regarding the Economic Club, as well as world news about policy, capital markets, and many other topics.
  • The potential to become a contributor to the website.
  • Find other students and be able to message as well as share documents with each other.
  • Compete in the stock market simulator with weekly updates on how you are doing in comparison to the rest of the competition.



  • Create and manage all of your ECO/FIN courses here while getting rid of the bulk and mess that other course management software comes with.
  • Upload documents to specific course pages
  • Connect with your students on a more social level by being able to send out bitesize posts as well being able to @ mention specific students for recognition or humiliation, and reaching them via private messages.
  • Stay up to date on what’s going on with the Economic Club, student driven events, and world news we’re following.
  • Contribute posts on specific topics in Economics and Finance as well as having a platform to share as much as you’d like.
  • Compete alongside students in the stock market simulator for your chance to really show us how well your skill is in the markets.


I hope everyone enjoys the application that was put together for us all to use and are able to achieve a higher standard of success here at school because of it.


Thank you,

Sean Maloney

President of the Economic Club @ Buffalo State College